About TestmySMS

Testing and Quality Control


The Telintel TestMySMS testing tool brings total visibility to the sometimes volatile A2P SMS environment. TestMySMS was initially developed by Telintel as an internal based solution to help stay ahead of any changes to SMS quality and feature support. Telintel is now pleased to offer this tool to clients whom want to also verify their SMS service. 

Some of the key characteristics that the TestMySMS testing tool offers are:    

  • A2P SMS tests performed on real handsets
  • Collection of a multitude of information from each test. 
  • Message content differences, including any content/characters that are not supported.
  • The terminating country SMSC.
  • Sender ID sent by application and received by the handset.
  • DLR support.
  • Length of time to deliver the SMS.
  • Confirmation if the SMS was successfully delivered to the handset. 
  • Testing simulations give you the capability to test hundreds of mobile networks worldwide through your own SMS coverage providers.
  • Tests can be performed simultaneously and at anytime
  • Your tests can be performed in real time, scheduled in advance, scheduled to reoccur…the choice is yours.
  • Customization of test setup parameters.
  • Test each network using your choice of data encoding templates, message content, sender ids, and much more.
  • No commitment / pay for what you use.
  • Quick and easy interconnections via SMPP or HTTP-API.

The Telintel TestMySMS testing tool currently covers over 400 networks worldwide, and is growing every day. Take control of your SMS service, contact Telintel’s TestMySMS team today.